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Winner Certificate of Excellence 2015 from Tripadvisor

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Ubud Green Resort Villa is a luxurious property that provides an intimate and discreet service of accommodation rental, cafe to explore culinary journey, spa to indulge and transportation to drive around the island of Paradise, Bali. Ubud Green enables clienteles to experience an A to Z comprehensive experience. It was opened in June 2011. It was a good opening though. June is the time when the holiday season begins. As a newly launched villa, Ubud Green was not fully ready at the opening time but did not intend to miss the opportunity to introduce a new product to the holiday goers. Apparently, Ubud Green had the chance to provide some with a mesmerizing experience stay then. In line with the time went by, July and August 2011 arrived in as the peak holiday season. Ubud Green deservedly benefited from this lucrative holiday season. It was very fortunate enough and unavoidable for Ubud Green to have received the blooming room bookings on those months. The reality was beyond our expectation. Realizing insufficient preparedness for the opening, we had no hesitation to go through these busies months. It was a difficult and exciting time that made our feeling mixed together. Some guests stayed in Ubud Green on the period started posting their reviews in It was publicly exposed and globally accessible to netizens in the globe to get to know what’s going on. Some reviews were awesome and in contrast, some were awful that had become invaluable lessons for us to learn by having found some areas need further improvement. Then the history began. Furthermore, we remain striving for excellences to continue this successful history.

A year term in Ubud Green’s operation has passed by. The 2011 year went on too fast. Ubud Green was commemorating one year of its rise on 15 June 2012. It was the time for us to get together to stand in silence bobbing heads down and say a prayer with devotion and reverence in expressing our success in one year operation. Ubud Green is getting more and more famous in the global markets. The business is significantly rising. More and more reviews are posted in Surprisingly, we are so delighted to receive more excellent reviews than others in the category. At the same time, some criticisms are also received. It is a trigger to realize some improvement in the concerned areas. We are aware of perfection is a journey not a destination. An improvement is an ongoing activity. For this particular reason, in the same month, June 2012, Ubud Green so happily received recognition as a winner of Certificate of Excellence from It is a very special gift for its first anniversary. It is an achievement for our hard work from the heart in the year past. We are proud of having received this recognition. We understand that it has become a milestone to pace our steps further in order that we are able to obtain more recognition in future. Congratulations onto Ubud Green!