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Nehan Spa at Ubud Green

Nehan Spa at Ubud Green Resort Villas is now already in operation for a few months. The competence of our dedicated therapists significantly develops as they increasingly perform their therapeutic duties with intuitive hand strokes. Here is the story behind the name of Nehan Spa established at Ubud Green Resort Villas. Nehan derives from the term used for a sleeping Buddha position; The Sleeping Buddha thus represents equanimity or Upekkha, which is the final virtue of the Four Brahmaviharas. With Upekkha, we learn to accept gain and loss, praise and blame and success and failure with detachment. Detachment is a neutral state of the mind, which is not holding onto anything, big or small, significant or trivial. Thus, Nehan Spa at Ubud Green Resort Villas provides spa treatments that offer a holistic balance in well-being practice.

Nehan Spa at Ubud Green Resort Villas has one treatment room with two massage beds for a couple. It is an open-air private massage room, in Balinese traditional hut architecture, designed floating on a fishpond with cone shape thatched rooftop and surrounded by thumbergia flowers falling down from the border villa's rooftop landscapes. This private spa treatment room provides a couple with a complete privacy. The bloomy thumbergia with its white flowers beautifully engraves the area. It turns the ambience green. The green with its white flowers of thumbergia attracts some butterflies. They visit to suck the pollens in the white thumbergia flowers produced. The water flowing down into the pond creates a natural sound effect of crashing water. It is truly an eco friendly ambiance spa room. It cools down the mind and relaxes the body during the treatment.

Nehan Spa at Ubud Green Resort Villas has the most selected spa menu in a variety. The spa menu includes beauty treatments and intuitive bodywork massages. A ritual is conducted for some spa treatments with longer procession. The bronze bell is stricken before a spa treatment begins. The sound awakens the sleeping cosmic energy in the body and takes you to a deeper relaxation state. The rei ki touch from our intuitive therapist hands precedes the spa treatment to create a two-way body communication at first interaction and make you feel comfortable to continue the spa treatment. The spa aromatherapy is filling the room with flavor air liberating the subtle energy that sooths the mind. Nehan Spa at Ubud Green Resort Villas is an ideal retreat to unwind and re-energize for a holistic well being.