• 2 The Spa Treatments
    Our Spa treatments replenish depleted energy levels, counteract the effects of modern living and address certain health concerns.
  • 3 Traditional indulgence
    The spa has been designed as a nurturing haven with a private treatment room and separate salon for head to toe indulgence.

    The spa facility at Ubud Green Resort Villas has drawn on Bali's tie honoured wellness rituals to create a detailed menu of holistic body treatments. Our spa treatments replenish depleted energy level, counteract the effects of modern living and address certain health concerns. Nehan Spa has been designed as nurturing haven with a private treatment room for head and toe indulgence.

    With every session, you will discover yourself fleeting between consciousness under the subtle energy of mesmerizing aromatherapy scents and the intuitive hands of our experienced therapists. Nehan spa is a remarkable voyage to experience a new life

    Spa Menu:

    Ocean Ritual (120 min)
    950 K
    (aromatherapy foot bath, relaxing massage, body scrub, body wrap, bath salt)
    Relaxing Balinese Massage followed by a reply from mineral salt scrub followed by a wrap of natural sea salt and soak in the aroma of the sea, with a mixture of mineral salts few Essential oil for dry skin and removes dead skin and also for blood circulation.

    Body Care Ritual (120 min)
    850 K
    (Aromatherapy foot bath, relaxing massage, body scrub, body mask, fruit bath)
    Experience the pleasure of overall indulgence with a nurturing treatment that pays attention to every part of the body, the ritual incolves a therapeutic massage to optimize energy levels, while a body scrub will revive tired skin and stimulate circulation. a body mask follows to furnish skin with nutrition, a long soak in a bath ritual of your choice will excite the senses at the end.

    Aromatherapy Massage (60 min)
    500 K
    (foot bath, full body massage)
    Aromatherapy massage is a beautiful way to express caring and help relieve the stress, the benefits of aromatherapy massage can also be enjoyed through of relax massage, helps improve blood circulation and it helps to stimulate muscle.

    Exclusive Relaxing Massage (90 min)
    550 K
    (foot bath and body massage)
    This rejuvenating ritual has been created to ignite the senses and begins with a gentle foot bath, a traditional body massage continues the tretament using a combination of swedish, palm pressure and long finger to relieve stress and evoke deep relaxation.

    Nehan Traditional Massage (60 min)
    450 K
    (foot bath and full body massage)
    This relaxing massage, performend with a balinese massage technique to balance body, mind, and soul

    Warm Stone Massage (90 min)
    675 K
    the healing properties of heated natural coastal stones help to relax tight muscles and wage a blood circulation, this treatment has a soothing effect on the body that results in feelings of relief.

    Traditional Beauty Facial (60 min)
    600 K
    This facial is rich in enzymes that can peel away dead skin, antioxidant, and vitamin your skin, we use only natural ingredients like cucumber, honey, carrot, etc.

    Herbal Heat Revival (90 min)
    800 K
    Treatment using natural ingredients such as herbs, highly trusted by balinese since thousands of years, they believe in the treatment of traditional can warm the body, relieve fatigue muscles and reduce arthritis, treatment with herbs is also to eliminate toxins from the body and to refresh the body, this treatment begins with a neck and shoulder massage followed by a bag of hot herbal compress throughout the body.

    With Polish (90 min)
    400 K
    (hand bath, nail cutting & shaping, cuticle treament, hand massage)
    Manicure is one way to treat your nails to be always clean and beautiful, your nails are important accessories, so keep them beautiful with this refreshing manicure, combined with hand massage, your skin will be smoother and your nail will be nourished.

    Back and Shoulder Massage (30 min)
    $ 20
    An intensive treatment applied to the upper part of the body concentrating on the back, neck, and shoulders with the aim to relieve tension and recharge declining energy levels. It also stimulates blood circulation and eliminates fatigue after a long flight or a day spent exploring the island.

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